The Problems Often Seen By Roofers in Appleton WI

The best roof is a brand new roof, all roofers in Appleton WI will attest to that statement. If the anticipated life of the roof is 30 years, the failure curve is going to be almost flat up until the last 25 or 30% of its anticipated like and then the curve ramps up steeply. It’s when the curve begins its steady rise that maintenance becomes more frequent and more costly. The problems that are most frequently seen are many; let’s have a look at a few of the main issues.

The roofers in Appleton WI all agree that damaged flashing is a major source of problems. Flashing is the thin piece of material, often metal, which keeps water from getting behind the shingles and is installed around the edges of the house and around anything that comes through the roof, such as a vent or skylight. The flashing is installed before the shingles. Over time, flashing can crack or the original nailing may corrode. Problems with the flashing can usually be repaired by replacing the damaged portion and resealing.

Buckled shingles are another thing that roofers in Appleton WI see a lot of. The causes are usually poor ventilation or when new shingles are installed over old rather than remove the old ones first. Moisture will get under the shingles, causing buckling and in many cases is an indicator that a new roof is in order.

A leaking roof will eventually show up as a water spot on your ceiling. The roofers in Appleton WI will tell you that if you see the spot, you have a problem because they will ruin drywall and often continue to spread unabated into insulation and electrical conduit. When spots have been seen, inspect the rest of the home as well because the roof may be in the process of deteriorating and need replacement.

You may often look at an otherwise pleasant home and notice shingles that are curled up. The ‘curb appeal” of your home is diminished and the curling can lead to further damage. When asked what causes curling, the roofers in Appleton WI will tell you it’s either lack of ventilation, nails that have not been driven flat or there are too few nails per shingle.

Missing shingles is more often than not seen in the spring when the first inspection for winter damage is made. The culprit, say the roofers in Appleton WI is most often wind, ice and snow damage. The underlying cause is usually poor installation in the first place. Missing shingles should be replaced by a pro so as to maintain the integrity of the roof and that no leaks can occur. As well as complete shingles missing, the elements will also erode the tiny ceramic granules that coat fiberglass shingles. The roofing contractor should replace shingles like these as well. Resource Box:

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