The purpose of house plans

When someone first contacts custom home builders in Austin TX one of the first things that are done is to develop the plans. House plans are documents which are needed to direct the builder; these documents include the floor plans, the plumbing, electrical connections and all other details that the builder must have to construct the house. Custom homes are usually designed by an architect who is responsible for all these details.

The plans are used prior to, during and after construction. These plans include two-dimensional views of the house from the four sides as well as details of each room; instructions are given on the plans which guide the builder. These plans include a complete bill of material which not only provides a complete list of the materials but the material specification as well. Once the building plans are complete they can be given to the suppliers of the specified materials for a complete and accurate cost of materials.

Custom home builders in Austin TX often has an architect on staff; otherwise the owner will contract with an independent service provider. The architect needs to have the lot details before he begins the design, along with the client’s thoughts and demands.

An important part of custom home design is how to site the house on the lot; the sun plays an important part in this. When the suns direction and path is known, the architect can take this into account when locating the rooms; such as the porch, master bedroom, sun room, etc. If the owner wants to wake up to the morning sun, the house must be oriented properly.

Many architects start off with a fixed design which can then be modified to suit the expectations of the owner. A new owner may favor a particular type of house design but a good architect can comfortably add or remove certain features. Many designs can easily be modifies to accommodate additional rooms or indeed, rooms can also be eliminated at the design stage. The architect will consider the need for a formal dining room or a large country style eat-in kitchen, perhaps a den or spare bedroom can be accommodated in the design.

If the house is going to be constructed in a gated village, the architect usually seeks guidance from the homeowners association. If there are any restrictions on the size, shape or location, these demands must be taken into account when the plans are developed.

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