The Roar of Lyon

Olympique Lyonaise, or as it is more commonly called, Lyon, is one of the most successful and popular football, or soccer, teams in France. Although the origins of Lyon can be traced to the 19th century, it’s in the 21st century that the team has come into its own. In 2002, Lyon won the prestigious Ligue 1 Championship, and went on to capture the title for the next seven years. Along the way, Lyon also garnered a Coupe de France title; a Coupe de La Ligue title; and an astounding six Trophee des Champions. It’s small wonder that soccer enthusiasts are fast becoming followers of this exciting and dynamic club, and show their support for the team by proudly wearing the distinctive Lyon Jersey.

A Lair for Every Lyon Fan

Since 1950, Lyon has played in Stade de Gerland, which was originally designed to accommodate cycling. The stadium has undergone significant reconstruction and renovation, and can currently seat approximately 40,000 spectators. The current Stade de Gerland is comprised of several sections including the North and South sides which are known as the Jean Jaures and the Jean Bouin stands respectively. Organized Lyon fan groups traditionally occupy specific sectors. Among the best known are:

The Hex@gones and The Cosa Nostra Lyon, who both occupy the Virage Sud area
The Gastrogoens, who sit the Jean Bouin stand
The O’Elles Club who sit in the Jean Jares stand
The Bad Gones who occupy the Virage Nord area

Fans attend the matches wearing their favorite Lyon Jersey, which sport the team colors – red and blue on a white field. Tradition holds that the colors were chosen in homage to the French National Flag which has been red, white, and blue since the 18th century. The color blue is said to represent brotherhood; red is said to represent courage; and white is said to represent honest. Interpreted for the athlete, these colors might more precisely represent blue for teamwork; red for determination; and white for good sportsmanship.

On the home field, Lyon players pair their jerseys with white shorts and white socks. Fans can replicate this crisp, clean look by wearing white spectator shorts or long white pants with their Lyon Jerseys. Of course, these jerseys are equally attractive when worn with a favorite pair of jeans. Whichever look you prefer, you’ll show your love for Lyon whenever you wear your Lyon Jersey.

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