The Sheer Beauty of Fire Pit Glass

by | Oct 9, 2012 | home-garden

Use fire pit glass to bring a natural yet stunning glow to your fire pit. This wonderful product lasts because it withstands the intense heat of a flame. It is like having broken glass surrounding your fire pit, only this glass is both beautiful and will not harm anyone who touches it (provided they do not touch it when it is still hot). Consider glass for these applications.

Use it to Impress Your Friends

Buy some fire pit glass before the next time you have guests over. If you entertain outside regularly, throw some of the glass into your fire pit before guests arrive, and once the sun sets and everyone begins to gather near your fire pit get the flames going. Once they are up and roaring, your guests will be quite impressed by the wonderful glow coming out of the pit. They will think you did something out of the ordinary with your fire – and actually you did. You added a beautiful glass that was meant for such applications.

Use it to Decorate

Purchase fire pit glass with the colors that go with the rest of your outdoor look. Change colors with the seasons, choosing pastels in spring, primary colors in summer, greens and golds in fall, and wintry colors when it is cold outside. The flames will dance and simultaneously match the rest of your outdoor décor.

Use it to Reflect the Change of Seasons or Celebrate Holidays

Purchase brown and red and gold glass to help celebrate Thanksgiving and red and green glass when Christmas comes around. Let the glass be part of your outdoor décor. It looks beautiful during daytime too, sprucing up the look of your fire pit during natural light hours. Once the sun sets, your fire will come alive with the colors that embody the holidays that each represents. Once, again, friends and neighbors will be impressed by your ingenuity and eye for design.

Use it to Root for Your Favorite Team

Buy the colors that match your favorite sports team, and get the fire pit going just before kickoff or tipoff to impress friends who are over to watch the game with you. Once the game is over (and hopefully as you celebrate the win outside after the sun sets), you can go over highlights together as you watch the pit burst into flames with the colors that you display as a fan.

Use fire pit glass for your every outdoor fire pit need. Check out with Dreffco Wholesale for quality fire pit products and other fire glass products.

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