The Tao of selling – time tested sales principles for sales mastery

Any person can make a few odd sales, but to really master selling, you need to understand its  underlying principles. These principles are what all successful sales personnel have followed down the ages, but they usually don’t get spoken much about. Here is the The Tao of selling – time tested sales principles for sales mastery.

Engage your target audience

This is a time-honored ingredient for success in sales. Before launching a product, deciding to remodel a sales program, or introducing changes in an existing product, you must engage your target audience. Selling involves understanding the psyche of your audience, finding out all about their preferences, behavior patterns, interest areas. Communicating with your audience tells them that you are listening to them, and their feedback can help improve your decisions and strategies. After all, if this is the group you are selling to, you better be sure what you are offering is what they want.

Discover your unique selling point

Your USP is something that distinguishes you from other sellers. It also makes your products or services stick in the mind of your audience. There is so much of information people are being bombarded with  everyday that unless you can make yourself heard above the noise, you stand no chance. Make your USP as clear as possible to yourself and your team and communicate that to your audience.

Keep it Simple and Short

KISS is a cardinal sales principle. What sometimes gets lost in the avalanche of sales strategies, bar graphs, and pie charts is the need to keep it simple. You are using up some of your audience’s time as you put forward your message, so say what you have to, simply and precisely. You win your audience over when your actions demonstrate that you honor their time and engagement with what you have to say.

Honesty is the best policy

As the masters say, one of the time tested sales principles is honesty. Glib talking can get you a few sales but if you want to build a powerful bond with your audience, you have to be the honest sales personnel.

If you are honest in your presentation, genuinely believing that your offering can make a difference to your audience, your enthusiasm transmits to your audience. The Tao of selling – time tested sales principles for sales mastery – distinguishes the masters from the rest of the selling fraternity.


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