The Wisdom of Investing in Renters Insurance in Montpelier Vermont

Many people find that renting rather than owning a home is a good fit for them. While this approach does mean that much of the maintenance and other issues are left in the hands of the landlord, a savvy tenant will take the time to secure Renters Insurance in Montpelier Vermont. Here are some of the reasons that coverage of this type should not be considered optional.

Liability Benefits

It is not unusual for tenants to think that the insurance carried by the landlord covers any type of accident that takes place on the property. While it is true that injuries that occur due to some type of negligence on the part of the landlord are likely covered, events related to the actions or the negligence of the tenant are not. That means if a guest slips in the bathroom because the tenant’s bath mat slides out from under, it is the tenant who will need to deal with the medical bills. If that tenant has Renters Insurance in Montpelier Vermont that includes liability coverage, paying the medical costs will not be a problem.

Protection for Personal Belongings

Landlords are not generally responsible for replacing any personal belongings that are lost or stolen. Think of what would happen if the tenant returned home one evening and found that someone had broken into the apartment or rental house. A quick look around confirms that the television, a laptop computer, and a tablet are missing. If the tenant has rental insurance, it is possible to file a claim and get the money needed to replace those stolen items.

Damage Caused by the Tenant

Theft is not the only reason to invest in renters insurance. What would happen if the tenant forgot to turn off the oven and a fire started? There is a good chance that the tenant would be held liable for the damage resulting from that fire. With insurance in place, it will be possible to cover those claims and avoid years of financial hardship.

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