Things You Should Know About a Bail Bond Santa Rosa

When it comes to having to use a Bail bond Santa Rosa, you might not understand what exactly it is. This is fine but you should think about what you’re doing when it comes to any bail bond. You want to be making the right move for this type of bond that you’re securing. With this in mind, you can then move forward with the Bail bond Santa Rosa that you’re getting.

1. Why don’t I get my premium back for the bond that I just got?

The premium is used for the fees that the bondsman and company you just got the bond from. They are running a service and need to make money too, so if you put something big up against the bond, then chances are the money you put down is something you won’t get back.

2. What are the items that are considered good collateral?

A mortgage or a car that you still make payments on. Anything that you have that is large and you still owe money on can be used as collateral.

3. What happens if the accused does not show up to court?

They will issue a warrant for their arrest and they will be deemed as being a fugitive on the run. They will try to track that person down, and you should do the same with them. You want them to show up before the specified date given. This is because if they do not, then you lose your collateral and your premiums.

In order for the Bail bond Santa Rosa to work, you have to make sure that you do everything required in order to get the original bond and bring it to the bondsman. If you do not, then they are not going to release the accused from the custody of the state. With this in mind, always make sure that getting a bail bond is something that you want to do for this person. If it is not, then you shouldn’t risk losing your items due to someone not wanting to show up for their court date.

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