Three Important Pieces of Crossfit Equipment

by | Sep 18, 2012 | health-medical

If you have made the decision to start using Crossfit training as part of your beginning exercise program or as an addition to your athletic training, there are some basic pieces of Crossfit equipment you will need. This will allow you to use this program at home, as well as at the gym, depending on what you prefer. Without these three pieces of equipment, you won’t be able to make the most of your Crossfit exercise program.

Pull-Up Bar

The pull-up bar is one of the most critical pieces of equipment. Before you think you will never be able to find a place for one of these in your home, there are pull-up bars that temporarily attach to any doorway, allowing you to exercise just about anywhere. Owning a pull-up bar is important to your success because this exercise is a major part of Crossfit training, providing an excellent upper body workout, as well as focusing on various muscle groups.

Olympic Bar and Weights

Another piece of Crossfit equipment everyone needs to participate is an Olympic bar and weights. When you are first starting out, you can use fewer weights at a lower weight. However, as you progress through the training program, you will need to increase the weights you use, requiring you to purchase more. In general, it is best to start between 95 and 135 pounds. The weight training aspect of the Crossfit program is critical to strength training, as well as building lean muscle mass.


Just like many other exercise routines, the dumbbells play a critical part in a Crossfit exercise routine. Dumbbells are often used in conjunction with other exercises to provide added weight and resistance to enhance the effects of the exercise. If you are short on space, you may want to consider purchasing an adjustable dumbbell set, which allows you to choose the weights without having to keep large extra discs hanging around your home.

When you are first starting your Crossfit training, you need few pieces of Crossfit equipment to get started. Dumbbells, as well as an Olympic bar and weights, are essential for the weight training aspects of your exercise and for resistance during some of the easier exercises. In addition, you need a pull-up bar because this is used often in the Crossfit training regimen. Without these three important pieces of equipment, you won’t be able to successfully participate in a Crossfit training program.

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