Three reasons to live off-campus.

Being a college student is stressful, especially when you add in bills, tuition, and schoolwork—another thing you need to consider while in college is where you’re going to live. A lot of students prefer to live on campus, but there’s also a lot of great reasons to live off-campus, and here are a few.

You will have more freedom and fewer restrictions.

With most colleges, there’s a curfew that most students are required to follow, as well as monthly or weekly room checks. Some places even hire extra staff to ensure school policies are being followed that will sometimes invade someone’s privacy.

You live with who you want.

A lot of colleges assign random roommates to students, and students aren’t allowed to choose their roommate. Living off-campus can give you more flexible options. Some places even let you choose between having a roommate or having your own space.

Opportunity to experience adulthood.

Becoming an adult can be scary. Still, in order to become a healthy and well-balanced adult, there are things you need to learn how to do, such as signing contracts, budgeting, cooking meals, and speaking with the landlord. The sooner you start to experience adulthood, the better.

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