Tinley Park Dentist Provides Dental Care for Special Needs Children

A big part of being a special needs parent is recognizing that your child’s healthcare needs require specialized training. Trying to find a dentist that not only knows how to care for your special needs child’s teeth but also understands potential issues with your child’s diagnosis is very important. In Chicago, not every pediatric dentist has the training to treat special needs children. Find a dentist for kids in Tinley Park that can help.

Down’s Syndrome Issues and Dental Care

Perhaps one of the most common diagnoses in children, Down’s Syndrome can lead to issues with tooth formation and growth as well as bite alignment. Children with Down’s may also be quite reluctant to brush their teeth, leading to poor oral hygiene. Finding the right dentist that understands these issues helps.

Autism Issues and Dental Care

Kids on the autism spectrum have oral sensory issues and oral defensive issues. They may not like objects in their mouths because the objects feel weird, or they may try to bite and chew objects they shouldn’t. Lights and sounds may scare them or cause intense anxiety and meltdowns.

Reducing the visual and auditory stimulation in these situations makes dental visits easier for your child and easier for the dental care staff. A dentist for kids in Tinley Park with specialized training isn’t difficult to find.

Regardless of the diagnosis your child has, if he or she needs caring and well-trained dentists that can help, consult Chicago kiDDS Pediatric Dentistry.

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