Tips for Choosing Bathroom Mirrors in Katy, TX

New mirrors are not typically the first thing that homeowners think of when they plan to remodel a bathroom. That doesn’t mean choosing the right mirror is less important than choosing new fixtures, flooring, or tubs. Read on to find some tips for choosing bathroom mirrors in Katy TX.

Get Accurate Measurements

Before even heading to a showroom, take a tape measure into the bathroom and get an accurate measurement of the dimensions above the sink or vanity. It’s common for mirrors to look smaller in the store than they will once they’re installed so don’t just eyeball it. Measure twice, buy once, and wind up with a mirror that fits perfectly in the space.

Allow Plenty of Room Between Elements

Don’t place the mirror directly above the vanity or in the corner. Instead, leave two to four inches of space on the bottom, and four to six inches on the three other sides. If possible, consider installing a bigger mirror as it can make the bathroom look much larger, but don’t force a huge mirror into a small space.

Consider Function

Practical homeowners who just want to be able to see their own reflections while they’re getting ready for work in the morning may be happy with simple mirrors. Those who want to make a statement often prefer ornate frames. It’s important to match the frames to the rest of the bathroom’s style, though, so keep it in mind.

Multiple Mirrors

Those who have double vanities or a lot of extra space may want to consider installing two or more bathroom mirrors in Katy TX. Breaking up the reflection will give homeowners the option of installing a light fixture between the two mirrors, which can add some extra ambiance and make it easier to get ready for nights out on the town.

Buy From a Trusted Supplier

Arguably, the most important aspect of choosing the right mirror is choosing the right supplier. Work with a residential glass specialist who provides plenty of options, offers custom work, and has tons of experience helping customers find the right products to meet their needs. Contact us to discuss options or head to the showroom to view available products in person.

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