Tips for Dumpster Rental in St Paul

Looking for Dumpster Rental in St Paul but don’t know where to begin? We have some simple answers right here. There are often many questions that first time dumpster rental consumers have in regards to the process involved in renting these products and also how to properly maximize your rental dollar. However, in order to understand how to save money on dumpster rentals, it’s important to understand how to use them and how to rent them. So, here are a few commonly asked questions that people have in regards to dumpster rental in St Paul.

How much of a notice needs to be given to rent a dumpster in St Paul?

Traditionally, most dumpster rental companies in St. Paul like to have as much lead time as possible when you rent a dumpster. This provides the dumpster rental company the opportunity to reserve their inventory, plan and agree to pick-up times and dates effectively and also to ensure that you receive the proper service on time and affordably. When you are looking to rent a dumpster immediately, there are many companies who can provide that type of service, however, often there are additional charges for less than 48-hour notice. The best rule of thumb is to plan ahead to save some money and to allow you to get the right dumpster for your specific needs.

How can I figure out if a Permit is needed in St Paul?

This information is readily available through the City of St Paul’s code enforcement office. However, most dumpster rental companies will have this information available for their customers, including who to contact, what fees are involved in the permit application process and how much time it will take to obtain the permit. When in doubt, a great rule of thumb is to simply ask the dumpster company when you call for any assistance in this manner. It is in their best interest that you comply with local code enforcement so they will help you if they are asked.

How big does the dumpster need to be?

This is kind of a trick question. Each job site or application has many different dumpster requirements for each specific purpose. The key factor is usually what type of materials you are disposing of and the proximity of the site when it comes to size. For example, if you are disposing of concrete blocks, bricks and heavy materials, it is advisable that you rent multiple-smaller units due to weight restrictions for moving them from site to disposal yard. If you are disposing of lighter materials, in large quantities, then you can use a larger dumpster. The best thing to do is when you contact a dumpster rental company, know exactly what type of material you are looking to dispose of as well as the weight of the material. This will help significantly in the selection process.

When you begin with understanding these three simple questions, the process of finding the right dumpster rental in St Paul becomes very easy, safe and cost effective.

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