Tips for Filing Bankruptcy in Richmond VA

Nobody plans to file for bankruptcy in Richmond VA; it is always considered as a last resort by honest and hard-working people who simply have exhausted their financial strength. It is at this time when many people who file for bankruptcy have very little confidence in their future, are not sure exactly how they will rebuild themselves and provide a good future for their families. If this applies to how you are currently feeling in regards to filing for bankruptcy, take a deep breath and understand that your best days are ahead of you – not behind.

Bankruptcy was established by the United States Federal Government to provide its citizens with a second chance on finding financial freedom. There are sometimes in life when people need a second chance, and thankfully, these laws were put into place to provide that opportunity for those who are dedicated to finding a solution to problems – not those who will explore excuses and not take accountability for their actions.

The process of filing for bankruptcy is actually rather simple – the hard part is getting all the proverbial ‘ducks in a row’ and knowing how to file those ‘ducks’ with US Federal Court. This is where retaining an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Richmond VA can help you complete this task with as little stress as possible. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy.

1. Pull an updated credit report from all agencies; this will allow you to have a solid and current statement on where your credit and finances are currently. This will also provide you with some important information about whether or not you have misleading or non-factual information reported on your credit.

2. Make sure all your assets are documented before you visit a bankruptcy attorney; this is important if you are planning on filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. In some cases, the US Federal Government will want to seize assets in order to pay back some debt. So, it’s important that all your assets are clearly documented as to the ownership of them. For example; if you have a motorcycle in your garage, that is officially owned by another party you need to document this fact.

3. Prepare for credit counseling; as a part of agreeing to absorb or create a payback structure, the Federal Government requires all parties who file for bankruptcy to take a credit counseling course which is approved by the US Federal Gov. So, just make sure you’re ready to take this class.  

When filing for bankruptcy in Richmond VA is your plan to get a fresh start in life, make sure you visit a qualified and experienced attorney who will guide you along this process.

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