Tips for Fixing Air Conditioning in Beaverton OR

Economic times are tough for home owners and as a result, many are trying to find affordable contractors to repair air conditioning in Beaverton OR and surrounding areas. Keeping costs down, while keeping the house cool is a trick. However, it’s very simple when you begin with hiring the right company to maintain your air conditioning unit. As the heat index rises and people need to keep their homes and offices cool, air conditioning units prove their worth, but also go through extreme workouts.  

The key to keeping air conditioning units in tip-top shape is no different than any other mechanical unit. Simply routine maintenance procedures will significantly reduce your chances of parts failure and keep the repair bills down. However, sometimes you are powerless to prevent mechanical devices from failing and the Air Conditioning unit will need to be repaired. Here are a few tips for finding a good air conditioning repair service in Beaverton.

Research the company background

The process for hiring an air conditioning repair service is rather simple. Beginning with an online search is a great way to find a company. Asking friends for their recommendations are also great ideas. But no matter what, you should always do your own research when attempting to find an air conditioning repair company. Learning about the background of a company who does HVAC repair is a very important step in this process. A great start is to visit your local Better Business Bureau online ( with a simple check through their business review section. Another important step is to review the business licensing requirements with HVAC repair companies. You’ll want to ensure the company is properly licensed in HVAC repairs and also has accredited business licenses.

Shop around and compare services

One of the easiest errors that consumers can make is to get wrapped up in pricing of the products and repairs provided by Air Conditioning repair specialists. Another thing they don’t focus on is the service they offer customers. When it comes to hiring an HVAC service, quality is more important than price. If you pay company “A” $100 to repair your ac unit, and it takes them 3 times to get the job done right, you’ve actually spent $300 on the entire process. However, if you find a company that charges $150 for the same repair, but gets it done correctly the first time, you save nearly twice the money.

Many HVAC companies operate on the philosophy of charging for their experience. And when it comes down to paying for repairs in this industry, experience can really count.  The best rule of thumb is to hire a company which will provide you with the best overall ‘cost’.

Obtain a written bid

The most important part of shopping around for HVAC repair specialists is making sure to get a bid (in writing) which will help to reduce any failures in communication. Make sure that the bid will include all the documentation required to complete the transaction including; cost for parts, labor, materials, travel-time, delays, or any other areas which might be a charge for repairs. One easy way to eliminate communication failures is to ask the company for 100% documentation during this process. This will protect you and the company from any errors, underpayments or overcharges.

When you start with these three simple things, finding companies to provide honest repair of air conditioning in Beaverton OR is simple and will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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