Tips For New Homeowners

Moving into your new home is great fun, but you need to make sure that you have effective pest control in Marana before you move all of your furniture and get settled. Pests that you can see are easy to avoid and eliminate, but you need to make sure that your new home is free from pests that lurk beneath the surface, out of sight.
Employ professional pest control in Marana to inspect your new home before you move in. Take a good look around the new home before you move any furniture into the home. Make sure that you find any cracks and holes which could be entry points for pests. Bed bugs can even breed in cracks in the walls, so it is well worth patching up any cracks as well as boarding up holes and other small openings.

For insects, it is always wise to employ the services of professional pest control in Marana. A good fumigation will not be expensive and it will save you money and time in future if you can eliminate the problem of small insects before you move in.

Clean the home fully a few days before moving in and then leave some rat traps as well as roach traps over night to see if there is an infestation. Sticky surface roach traps are the best for this exercise.

Look under the eaves and the roof to makes sure there are no wasp nests. Wasps can be especially dangerous if you have children who are always on the go and will be exploring the new home. If you do discover a wasp nest, then you should get it removed by professional pest control in Marana. It is not something that you want to try as part of a DIY job.

Invest in some good pest sprays and do a DIY fumigation before you move in. there are a number of excellent products that will exterminate most bugs and insects. Find one of the sprays that keep on working after use. They kill bugs on contact and can be effective for a few days.

Makes sure that the furniture you are bringing into the new home has been sprayed for bugs and pests. Pay particular attention to the beds and bedding, as well as all of the small areas where there may be an infestation of bugs.

If you discover that the problem of bugs keeps getting worse and worse and all of the commercial products seem to have little effect or noticeable reduction on the numbers of pests in the home, then it is best to call one of the companies offering effective pest control in Marana, who will advise you on the best way of getting rid of the pesky pests forever. It is a way of ensuring the health and safety of the entire family as well as giving you peace of mind.

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