Tips on How To Protect Your House From Frozen Pipes in St. Paul

Having a pipe burst due to freezing is a very costly and time consuming repair for any homeowner. There are many different safeguards you can put in place to protect the pipes in your home from freezing this winter. Here are a few tips on How To Protect Your House From Frozen Pipes in St. Paul.

The first major step in preventing you pipes from freezing is to insulate them well. The pipes located under your home or in the basement are far more likely to freeze up due to the fact that they are directly exposed to the elements. The pipe insulation needed for this job can be purchased at almost any hardware store in your area. If you live in an exceptionally cold area, you should put heat tape in between the layers of insulation to add to the protection of the pipes. The heat tape can usually be purchased at an auto parts store and may be called muffler tape by the employees there.

Dripping Faucets
The most effective method to Protect Your House From Frozen Pipes in St. Paul is to keep the water flowing through the pipes. Instead of freezing, is to allow the faucet to drip during the night. This will keep the water moving instead of letting it sit in the pipe and potentially freezing. If you have any sinks on an exterior wall, you should definitely let them drip because they are far more susceptible to pipe freezing.

Keep Your Heat Constant
During the winter months, it is imperative whether you are home or not, to leave your thermostat set on at least 60 degrees. This will allow warm air to circulate through your home and help keep your pipes frost free. You should also seal any doorways that are leaking because they will let cold air in and potentially lead to frozen pipes.

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