Tips on Selecting Carpet Styles at Carpet Stores in Houston, TX

If you are considering re-carpeting all or part of your home, you will find there are a number of decisions you will need to make. Carpeting can be found at carpet stores in Houston, TX in a wide variety of colors, patters and textures. This can make it easy to find the right carpet to suit your needs. To make choosing a carpet a bit easier, it helps to understand some of the types available.

Today, one of the most common types of carpeting sold at carpet stores in Houston, TX is Berber carpet. This type of carpet is made up of multilevel loops which are not cut. It comes in a number of colors including some carpets which are multicolored. This is a great choice for hiding dirt in areas with a lot of traffic.

Another carpet style, which is good in areas of high traffic volume, is a carpet made of twisted fibers of a cut pile. This style makes it difficult to see dirt and footprints in the carpet. In areas where your family gathers regularly, this can be a great choice.

Cut and loop pile carpets are another popular type of carpet. This is because they can add texture and a design to the floors in your home. Some are even designed to look like rugs. Despite its beautiful appearance, this type of carpet is very durable and can take much abuse. It can tolerate a great deal of activity and still look good with little upkeep.

For areas with less traffic like bedrooms or formal rooms, you may want to have a more luxurious style of carpet. A plush pile carpet can be a great choice. This type of carpet can be quite thick. Because of this, it will easily show footprints easily. This type of carpet often requires a bit more maintenance than other choices.

Carpeting adds a lot to the rooms in your home. It can make a room feel warmer and softer at the same time. By finding the right type of carpeting to match the way an area is used, the carpets you purchase at a store like ATL Carpet Flooring last longer and look better as well. This can make them a great asset to your home.

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