Top 6 Braces And Orthodontic Myths Finally Demystified!

The Internet has obviously opened the floodgate for countless information about orthodontic treatments. While some are genuinely helpful, there are others that only seem to mislead readers. People wearing Braces in Plattsburgh, NY may have read some misconceptions about braces. Although many of these may have been regarded as facts 30 years ago, most of them do not anymore apply in the present day. Here are the top 6 myths about braces and orthodontic treatments.

MYTH 1: Orthodontics is just for younger people.

A common misconception many people have about orthodontics is that it is intended only for younger people. On the contrary, orthodontists are trained to manage all teeth and jaw issues that affect both the older and younger clients. This myth has become very popular because many people rarely see older adults wearing braces or visiting an orthodontist.

MYTH 2: Tighter braces are better!

Again it is not unusual for people to think that tighter braces keep teeth better aligned. Some people may think that tightening braces can force the teeth to align much faster. Although a certain amount of force is really needed to move the teeth, excessive force can cause irreparable damage to the teeth as well as the surrounding tissues and bones. Orthodontists installing Braces in Plattsburgh, NY apply delicate balance of forces to ensure that the teeth won’t go wrong.

MYTH 3: Braces must cause a little pain to work.

No pain no gain – so they say. But this does not apply to braces. Although in the past stiff wires do cause pains, today new designs of dental braces eliminate pain from the equation. Flexible wires are significantly reduces the pain experience related with tooth movement.

MYTH 4: Gaps between teeth will disappear as soon as I get braces.

There a lot of people who set unrealistic goals when they are fitted with braces. It often ends up in frustration after a few months when the gaps still seem unchanged. Before Braces in Plattsburgh, NY actually close these gaps, it requires a controlled system of orthodontic braces and series of adjustments to be truly effective. Often, total alignment of the teeth is necessary before the gaps close.

MYTH 5: Orthodontic wires are changed at every visit.

Unlike the older brace models, newer braces make come with super-elastic wires that can be easily bent back to its proper U-shaped form thus it does not require frequent changing. To correct your crooked teeth, the wire is fitted into your crooked teeth and provides steady light force. In case the brace has been deformed, the orthodontist can easily adjust it on your next visit.

MYTH 6: Braces can guarantee straight teeth forever.

Getting your teeth aligned is just half the real battle. Keeping them properly aligned is, in fact, more challenging. Since our teeth are connected to the bone by elastic fibers, they can move back to their original, crooked position once the braces are removed. Basically, after the Braces Plattsburgh, NY has fully aligned the teeth, retainers are usually used for some more time, until the elastic fibers are already firm.

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