Marketing ideas are in surplus but you need to act on the best dental marketing approaches that work for your service. Marketing can be a very powerful tool when used correctly. This article summarizes some of the best dental marketing ideas and tips that can help you grow your business and your standing in the community.

Best dental marketing tips for new services

If you have a fairly new dental office, then you are just getting started and the most important target for you is to increase your patients. Starting point for increasing your business is visibility and awareness. The next step is to establish the reputation. There are many ways to increase visibility in your local community. You can start with branding your service, practice and patient communication with your logo and tag line. Overtime your patients will associate the logo design with your service and will remember it. You can also advertise in the local community newspapers. Spread the word initially by dropping off pamphlets and e-mails about your services. You need to be a little conscious about these as after the first couple of time pamphlets and e-mails turn into spam rather than useful advertising media. Start patient follow-up programs to ensure that the patients feel connected even after they receive the service.

Best dental marketing practices for established business

Once you have a steady number of patients coming in, it shows that you have the required visibility in the community. The next step is to build the reputation not as only a dentist office but as top leading business of the community. Start by hiring or adding experienced staff that are local to the area. Join your local business consortia and your community chamber of commerce. This gives you the insight into building relationships with other businesses and provides opportunities for in-house marketing. Sponsor a local school or community event.

Watch and Learn from the best dental marketing ideas that worked

Get educated and do your research on what worked or didn’t work for dental services in similar setup like yours. Here are few strategies that worked well for some of the dental practices:

* Internal marketing – involves effective handling and treatment of your patients, right from the phone skills to the diagnosis, treatment, and office ambiance.

* Experienced Staff – Long term and experienced staff can organize and run your office very efficiently. It also reflects stability and satisfaction in your work environment.

* Relationship based – Extend the relationship beyond the day of the treatment. Whether it is a patient referral program, a follow-up program or existing patient rewards program, show that you care beyond the day of the appointment.

* Take your time – Don’t rush your patients even if you are in a rush. Take your time for re-clinical and clinical examination and answer all the questions

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