Trends in landscaping in the 21st century

Landscaping is little different than clothing, modes of transport or anything else for that matter, there are trends that tend to come and go. No longer does a landscaping company in Phoenix AZ get a call to design an early Victorian garden, however the company will get many requests for landscaping that compliments outdoor living and landscaping that follows eco-friendly design.

In many cases these two trends actually overlap and complement one another, it is very easy to blend them into an eco-friendly outdoor garden. Here are a few trends that are currently in vogue in the world of landscaping.

Organic fertilizers: There are still many homeowners that are quite adamant about maintaining a perfect garden and they continue to use chemical fertilizers, however, more and more concerned homeowners are finding that building and maintaining a compost heap gives them equally good, if not better results. It is more difficult to break away from chemical weed killers but there are ways to do it with a bit of effort.

Less water: A landscaping company in Phoenix AZ is more likely to favor drought resistant plants such as succulents and cacti. Plants of this nature take very little water and when used effectively can be the basis of a lovely garden.

Go native: There are many non-native plants that can rapidly become invasive. It is not necessary to turn your back on exotics all together as not all of them pose a risk to the native population. Many gardeners that would have opted for noting but exotics a few years ago are now gradually moving over to a combination of native and imported species.

Low maintenance: There is no doubt that people are busier today than they were in years gone by, this has gradually led to garden designs which take minimum maintenance to keep them looking good.

Anti lawn: perhaps one of the better ways to reduce the demand for maintenance is to reduce something else, and this is the size of the lawn. There are many low maintenance shrubs that take very little water or care and they lovely when the spaces between them are filled with the mulch from your composting efforts. In this way you are satisfying three of the modern trends in landscaping.

The current and emerging trends in gardening are always one of the elements of design that a landscaping company in Phoenix AZ takes into account. For excellence in design, completion and maintenance you are invited to contact AMS Landscaping.

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