Tuckpointing: Giving the Building a Makeover

Tuck pointing has been here thousands of years ago but it is only now that it has regained popularity due to many modern innovations. Originally, masons would hammer and chisel out the mortar as needed and will wash away the dust so that the mortar will stick together. Afterwards the masons will mix up new mortar to replace the cracked mortars. In today’s market, Tuckpointing experts in Chicago employ different procedures as they do not have to hammer and chisel away at the mortars to open the cracks up for repairs. Tuck pointing is now handled with modern tools which speed up the work and, at the same time, make it stronger and look more attractive.

Tuckpointing experts in Chicago make use of the tool called the grouting bag which is used for grouting tiles. It allows for speed and accuracy when injecting the new mortars into the mortar joints. Sealing the small cracks in the mortar joints minimizes investment in future maintenance expenses. This is a critical maintenance job that if not handled immediately, will cause water to enter the brick wall cavity. If the water is allowed to enter the wall past the mortar, brick failure may result such as cracking or spalling (popping of the brick face).

Benefits of Tuckpointing in Chicago

* Improves the value of the home

* Restores the home to its original aesthetic beauty

* Protects against water damage and structural defects

* Cost effective and looks attractive and pleasing

* Perfect finish for heritage homes, schools, offices and historic buildings that are made of brick

* Restores the brickwork to its original condition

* Restores the integrity of the building

Everywhere you look, you will find building and homes made from masonry which is safer, environmentally friendly, has lesser maintenance cost but has a higher resale value. One of the notable advantages of homes made from masonry is its fire resistant feature. They are also mold resistant because they do not allow water to seep into the cracks. It is also a sound barrier which makes it easier to relax without hearing all the sounds in the environment. It is also resistant to harsh weather. Unlike other homes made from a different material, brick and mortar does not require painting since it is already appealing as it is.

Tuckpointing experts in Chicago have a high level of skills in removing old mortar and placing new mortar in the joint. The white or black lines along the bricks improve the aesthetic beauty of the building. It takes a high level of skill and workmanship to handle this process, hence the necessity of looking for the tuck pointing contractors who can provide an excellent job. There are many different colors that can be used for the joints like white, black, gray, yellow, red and many other colors according to your requirements.

The chemical makeup and makeover on the brick and mortar from Tuckpointing tends to increase the life of a building. The changes in the brick walls are often due to weather exposure and you will avoid the drastic problems and expensive repairs in the future through tuck pointing.




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