Two of the Most Common Reasons to Need a Hydraulic Cylinder Repair in St. Paul MN

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Business

Cylinders found in many hydraulic systems turn the pressure found in fluid into useful, linear motion. When a hydraulic cylinder breaks down, the functionality of the machine or piece of equipment it is attached to will almost always be significantly impaired. The experts at Hydraulic Cylinder Repair St. Paul MN businesses turn to for help, like Sharrow Lifting Products, are always ready to respond quickly and effectively.

Many Ways Even a Properly Maintained Cylinder Can Break Down

Hydraulic systems are rightly known for being reliable, and regular maintenance can make that perception even more valid. Pressures of thousands of pounds per square inch, though, inevitably contribute to wear and even acute damage.

Given that they also include both moving and consumable parts, hydraulic cylinders are especially vulnerable to such threats. Because they are so often required to bear large loads, cylinders found in hydraulic systems get exposed to stresses of other kinds, as well.

As a result, having a cylinder fail is a fairly common experience with hydraulic systems. Some of the kinds of Hydraulic Cylinder Repair St. Paul MN companies most often have to arrange for focus on parts like:

  • Seals.
  • A hydraulic cylinder can only function properly if it is able to keep pressurized fluid contained. This requires the presence of seals that fit tightly against surrounding surfaces while also allowing the cylinder to extend and retract as intended. Seals wear down over time and will eventually need to be replaced in even the best of cases. When a cylinder’s seals need to be swapped out ahead of schedule, telltale signs like leaking fluid will generally become apparent.
  • Piston wear ring.
  • Many hydraulic cylinders include pistons that are surrounded by specially designed rings. These accessories help keep surrounding surfaces in good shape by sparing them contact with the hard, unyielding piston head. Being made of relatively soft material, though, a wear ring will normally need to be replaced more frequently than other parts.

Hydraulic System Repair Experts Can Always Help

As a visit to a website like visit us website will reveal, problems with hydraulic cylinder parts like these and any others can always be resolved by companies in the area. Putting a hydraulic cylinder back into service quickly can save its owner large amounts of money, in the end.

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