Two Reasons to Consider Preschool in Huntington Beach CA

By the age of one, 70% of the human brain is developed, and 90% is developed by the age three, making it incredibly important for you to consider preschool for your children. During these early years of development, genes interact with experience, and providing a great foundation for the future learning experiences will set them up for greater success in their educational careers. Preschool is also great for their behavior and health, especially when you consider how well children thrive in a structured environment that is fun and dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable space for play and learning.


Children who attend preschool in Huntington Beach CA receive a carefully structured environment designed to offer the chance to play, interact with others, build social skills, and follow an educational pathway. Children have an innate number sense that will allow them to start mathematical learning by this time in their life, which can set them up for immense success once they start kindergarten. To learn more about this structure and its role in school, you can speak with a representative and read about many aspects of a child’s experience.


The early years of childhood are particularly important in shaping the long-term health and success of children . A study by economist James Heckman over several decades ago discovered that children who attended preschool were healthier as adults. Those adults went on to have lower rates of high blood pressure and reduced rates of obesity when compared to children who did not visit this type of establishment during those years. Therefore, it is imperative that you not only make this decision so you can return to work, but also that your child may have the best chance at a healthy future.

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