Types of Care Giving Fresno CA

Care giving has been a consistent topic of debate over the last two decades. Amidst all the words being bandied around, many people have been left flummoxed thus losing from services that could help them or their loved ones. If you are living in Fresno California, it is important to understand what care giving is all about as you might need these services sooner than later. Care giving Fresno CA facilities are very popular throughout the County and even beyond due to the serene nature of the neighborhoods.

Main types of care givers in Fresno

It is important to note that care giving is a service meant for the elderly who are either indisposed or too old to take care of basic activities. As such, care givers manage their medications, bath and dress them, shop for them, cook and help to feed these individuals. There are many care providers but they all fall into these categories;

Assisted living

The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) indicates that this is an arrangement where a senior citizen requires specialized care due to illness or old age. However, it involves a degree of independence and family involvement in decision making and should not be confused with a nursing facility. Facilities offering these programs in Fresno CA differ in size, appearance and services offered. However, they have a wide range of accommodative services and facilities in a community setting such as shopping experience, pools, group sessions, and other social activities.

Home health care in Fresno

This is the most popular care giving option in Fresno and all over the country. According to the US Census Bureau, there are over 7.6 million Americans receiving home care. Caregivers come to your home and offer any help needed including overseeing medication management, meal preparation, bathing, and dressing, transportation, among others. Caregivers are certified nurses and this makes it ideal in case you are suffering from some disease.

Nursing homes

This can take two forms; long term care for chronic conditions or short-term rehabilitative stay in case of minor injuries such as fractures. There are over 16,000 nursing homes in the US providing specialized care for seniors especially if they suffer from chronic medical conditions. Facilities in Fresno have fully equipped nursing facilities to ensure your loved one is in the best hands. A standby nurse is provided 24 hours a day in case of an emergency.

Adult care centers

This is a new phenomenon in Care giving Fresno CA, which is providing very popular with close knit families who do not want to let their loved ones out of reach. If there is no one to stay with a senior in the house, this is the best option as it provides flexibility, companionship, and safety for the loved one.


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