Types Of Oil Field Services

The oil drilling industry has been around for a long time and changed a lot over the years. There are continually new developments to make the process more effective and cost efficient. In part, this has also made the industry a bit more complex. In addition to drilling and pumping the oil, there is a whole host of oil field services necessary to get the job done. Much of this falls under the category of hauling, however that does not even encompass all of it. Many hauling companies are full service and offer a variety of support needs to an oil company. This can make things much more streamlined and cost efficient for the oil company. When looking for an oil field services North Dakota company, it can be very helpful if they offer a wide variety of services.

Trucking services are one of the primary needs of an oil company. Crude oil hauling is one of the biggest needs. It’s one thing to be able to retrieve the oil, but that doesn’t mean much without a way of transporting it. However, there are many other types of hauling services needed. Water produced by the oil well is usually not clean and must be transported and disposed of properly. Hauling services for clean water, frac sand and drill mud are also usually a must have.

Many companies offer additional support so the oil company can get everything they need. Other trucking services are often required such as flat bed transport, hot oil truck, winch trucks. A good oil field services North Dakota company will also off some additional support with services in other areas like disposal wells, solids control, rail transload facilities (sand and oil), swab units, light plants, and workover rigs.

When the oil field services North Dakota has to offer are all under one roof, this can mean a variety of benefits to the oil company. It may mean the possibility of package pricing for the purchase of more than one service. It also means better tracking and organizing of information. This can save an oil company a lot of time, trouble, money and stress.

On a final note, a good oil field services company will have a strong history of good service. They should come highly recommended by those in the industry. They should also have been in the business for several years. This supports their stability and knowledge of the business.

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