Types of Physical Therapy

Most of us have or will need to have some sort of physical therapy in our lives. There are many reasons physical therapy is needed. It is often necessary before or after a surgery. It is often used to treat or prevent sports injuries. This is considered orthopedic physical therapy. Geriatric therapy focuses on the specific physical therapy needs of the elderly. There is also neurological physical therapy and pediatric physical therapy. No matter your need, there are several physical therapy Rockford, IL offices that can help.

Orthopedic physical therapy is used to treat, manage and diagnose problems or injuries with your muscular and skeletal systems. This is also the type of therapy used for patients needing surgery. It is also used to treat injuries from sports, arthritis symptoms and amputee patients. Orthopedic therapy may utilize heat or cold, strength training, electrical stimulation or special stretching techniques.

Geriatric physical therapy focuses on the needs of the elderly. These therapy programs focus on increasing mobility and fitness and reducing pain. It can address problems with bone and joint deterioration, cancer, hip replacement and incontinence. Some physical therapy Rockford, IL offices may have a focus on geriatric care.

Neurological physical therapy may be part of a geriatric physical therapy regimen but not necessarily. This sort of therapy is often necessary with individuals who have neurological damage or disease. It is used to address issues with Alzheimer’s, brain damage, stroke, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis. Neurological therapy can address problems with balance, difficulty walking, paralysis and vision problems.  

Your physical therapy Rockford, IL office may include pediatric physical therapy, of you may need to find an office that specializes in children. Pediatric physical therapy is concerned with the physical well-being of children and adolescents. It includes therapy for injuries, disorders and diseases of the muscular and skeletal systems. It can even help detect health problems early in life. Treatments help improve motor skills, balance, strength, coordination and endurance. They can even help improve brain function and development. Some disorders treated with pediatric physical therapy include torticollis, spina bifida and cerebral palsy.

Regardless of what physical therapy you need, any type has the goal of making your quality of life the best it can be. It accomplishes this with methods of prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and sometimes diagnosis. Physical therapy affects all levels of life including emotional, social, physical and psychological. Because of this, you’ll find your physical therapy Rockford, IL therapists are caring and empathetic as well as skilled trained professionals.

Take back control of your life and find a physical therapy Rockford, IL office now. Your physical therapy Rockford, IL office will develop a plan to fit your unique needs.

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