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by | Feb 18, 2020 | Dental

Whenever you go to the dentist, and you find a new machine in their x-ray room, you might feel a bit scared. As you learn more about 3D dental x-rays in Midwest City, OK, you’ll come to appreciate that new piece of equipment. At first, it might not seem like the new equipment does much more than the traditional x-ray machine. But when you stop to think about the flat images you get from your traditional x-rays and then realize what you can see with 3-D x-rays, you will appreciate the new equipment.

With 3D dental x-rays in Midwest City, OK, you don’t need multiple images like standard x-ray requires. Think of a high quality CT scan with less radiation. That’s what the “ConeBeam” machine that takes 3-D x-rays does. It’s like a digital camera that records your images to make one big image. It’s rotated in a controlled cone-shaped beam. The advantage of that is you’re able to sit in a chair and watch the machine go all the way around you. This takes a full 3-D image of your head. With the 3-D image, your dentist can see everything.

It’s an amazing new technology that’s available at a lot of dentists. Sometimes they will use traditional x-rays. If you want 3D dental x-rays you need to ask. There are three images they can see: 2D, 3D and panoramic views of your entire head. You could also see sequences. Being able to see the connection between your bone issues and your nerves helps your dentist make informed decisions. This is not possible with traditional x-ray images.

There are many great benefits that 3D dental x-rays in Midwest City, OK provide. There is no prep required for your 3D dental x-rays. It is very quick (takes about 10 seconds), easy and completely painless. The largest benefit is that you have the confidence that your dentist is well informed on what all of the possible issues are with your teeth. This allows your dentist to create a more individualized plan for your oral care.

With 3D dental x-rays in Midwest City, OK, you no longer have to worry about dentists making poor decisions. This doesn’t mean your dentist was not qualified before, they were simply flying blind. A lot of the pain that individuals have are not only from their teeth but their nerves too. Without much to go by, dentists focus mostly on your teeth and oral care.

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