Understanding Men’s Hair Replacement In Phoenix

When the time comes and the hair goes, men’s hair replacement in Phoenix can really be a saving grace for restoring confidence and self-respect.  It is likely that you have seen the photographs highlighting the before and after impact of this procedure on other individuals, but you may not be aware just what it takes to get this innovative solution to men around the world.  This article will go into some of the basics of men’s hair replacement as far as the essential process, and a little of its follow-up.

Men’s hair replacement in Phoenix is basically a transplanting process.  A local anesthetic is first administered to the area for the patient’s comfort during the procedure, and then the substituting portion of the scalp is removed, after which the area is again sewn closed.  That removed portion of scalp is then divided into smaller grafts, each of which contains varying strands of hair.  Those grafts are placed in holes on the scalp where the new hair is going to be situated.  This is a fairly arduous process considering the amount of time it takes for completion.  It can often last as long as eight hours, and even longer if you sustain further hair loss or if a thicker application is desired at a later date.  This process of men’s hair replacement in Phoenix is sold as a means of restoring confidence in your self-image, but the results do adequately speak for themselves.  When those kinds of results become higher on your priority list, this process of grafting is a way of conferring real assurance and confidence to individuals who have suffered hair loss.

The initial result from men’s hair replacement in Phoenix is very likely to be a very tender scalp.  Pain medications are usually administered to help for the first few days following surgery, and you can expect some kind of a dressing over the top of the scalp for at least a couple days to protect the affected region.  The hair that has been transplanted will begin to fall out and new hair growth begins in those regions shortly afterward.  This kind of procedure isn’t one that addresses major health risks or illnesses, but it is one precipitated by hair loss in individuals of all walks of life for any number of reasons.  Although there are risks always to be associated with surgeries, those risks are weighed against the benefits to the individual’s quality of life.  Technology and advancements in medical science and practice have enabled this procedure to have a very high success rate.

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