Berkeley, CA, Based Company Helps You Unlock Your Genetic Mysteries Keywords: DNATest

The field of genetics is an ever-improving and ever-expanding area of research and business. Whether discovering genealogical roots, looking for medical data or intellectual curiosity, the number of people looking to have a DNA test taken has only risen exponentially.

A company on the West Coast has been working with DNA testing for a number of applications and is now creating a unique approach to interpreting DNA data for consumers. This process involves clients getting tests done through a recommended provider and then uploading that data to the company itself. From there, the company then extracts and explains further details about the data for consumers. This includes information about specific traits you may not know you have and may help explain others you’ve wondered about in the past. Every week, this company gives you more customized information about your genetic code, becoming a source of both educational and entertaining information for you and anyone you wish to share the information with.

If you are interested in learning more, you can also request further in-depth reports about specific traits and genetic code, learning more about your heritage than you might have by simply researching through standard genealogical records. From here, you can find individualized ancestral data and optimal information about your personal exercise and nutritional needs.

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