Using Technology for your Social Security Disability Claim

Even for those who are not computer savvy, Social Security benefits claims invite you to use computer technology much more now than even five years ago.  When learning how to apply for Social Security benefits, you can apply the old-fashioned way, through a phone call to Social Security (1-800-772-1213) or a visit to your local Social Security office.  Or you can apply online.

Can I apply for Social Security disability benefits myself?
Certainly.  Social Security does not require you to have representation.  You should, however, know who to ask if you have questions.
Can a representative help me apply for Social Security benefits?
Some can.   Not all are set up to help you apply for Social Security benefits.  You need to ask.
Who can represent me in my Social Security Disability claim?
Almost anyone.  Anyone?  Yes.  You can have a family member help you.  A friend.  A non-legal corporation (which are expanding these days).  You can also hire a licensed lawyer in a law firm.
How much can a licensed lawyer cost?
Most lawyers who are experienced practicing Social Security law should only charge 25% of back-pay only if you are approved for Social Security disability benefits.
Why wouldn’t I always hire a licensed lawyer for my Social Security disability claim?
That is a good question.  Non-attorney corporations also have a right to charge the same 25% of your back-pay.

Doesn’t legal training help my representative argue the law at my Social Security benefits hearing?

Yes.  Your Social Security benefits hearing is before a federal Administrative Law Judge.  It is a legal proceeding.  The government hires experts who can testify against you.  Your attorney must not only argue the law but also vigorously cross-examine these experts.  Legal experience counts.
Can my Social Security attorney and law firm use technology to help my Social Security claim?

Yes.  Sophisticated law firms have professionally-trained paralegal staff who understand how to use latest advances in technology in your Social Security disability benefits claim.  Missed steps delay Social Security claims.  Our lawyers and staff use the following technologies for our Social Security clients every day.  We offer you:

  • 3-way conference calling with Social Security representatives and use of other telephone-based technologies.
  • Internet verification of medical facility locations and treatment providers.
  • Confidential e-mail and document scanning technology to organize communications and virtual claim files.
  • Secure internet submission of Social Security disability claim evidence with electronic receipts.
  • Social Security internet-based on-line applications and appeals.
  • Advanced client database networks to track each Social Security client claim processes.
  • Technology for our attorneys when it counts:  At your Social Security hearing.  Our attorneys use vocational programs, legal argument checklists, and on-line medical and legal reference material.      

Can I trust internet ads offering Social Security representation?

Frankly, no.  Anyone can advertise on the internet.  Some even mislead you into thinking you can apply for Social Security Disability benefits though their private websites.  You cannot apply for Social Security benefits through a private website.  Even a “Social Security Disability Lawyer” search brings up non-attorney ads and search results.
Sign no paperwork until your Social Security attorneys verify their legal credentials with you.  We are always happy to do so.  Any law firm you are considering to help you with your Social Security disability claim should also explain to you how they use computer technology for their Social Security disability benefit practice.

Social Security Application – If you have any questions about social security disability visit  One of their attorneys can evaluate whether they can help you (it’s both confidential and the consultation is free).  Trust them by asking them questions and doing your research.


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