Value Added Services by Tempe AZ Dentists You Might Not be Aware Of

Beyond going for a check-up and a dental cleaning, your dentist in Tempe, AZ might offer additional services you are interested in exploring.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you wish you had a straighter smile? What about a whiter smile? Is there something you’d be interested in exploring, such as dental implants to replace dentures or something else to make your smile brighter, more attractive, and healthier? Talk to your dentist in Tempe, AZ or elsewhere about cosmetic dentistry. Today’s modern equipment could even help you see what a new and improved smile could look like via dental imaging software. Whether you’re thinking about braces, dental veneers, teeth whitening, dentures, improving a gummy smile, or want to get those old amalgam fillings out and have them replaced with tooth colored fillings a cosmetic dentistry consultation will help you explore your options.

Dental Financing

Worried that you can’t afford the dental improvements you wish for? Dental financing could be available from your dentist in Tempe, AZ as well. Dental financing options can help when something isn’t covered by dental insurance or when you don’t have dental insurance. There may be several options for credit from your Tempe dentist.

TMJ, Sleep Apnea, and More

Did you know that your teeth and jaw could be the source of headaches, ear aches, snoring, and other problems that could be plaguing your health?
Many dentists also help with jaw disorders like TMJ / TMD, can offer alternatives to sleep apnea CPAP machines with dental appliances, offer customized mouth guards for sports, and more.

Today’s dentists aim to help you with preventative oral care. They can offer periodontal disease screening, screen for early signs of oral cancer, and more. They could even help you with dental supplies that are a cut above what you might find at your local department store or supermarket.

Dental Supplies

Want an extra powerful electric toothbrush? Interested in at-home teeth whitening solutions that are safe and proven? Talk to your dentist about these options as well.

Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist in Tempe, AZ what other services are offered beyond basic check-ups. As your partner in oral health your dental office has a plethora of options to help you smile your best smile and have teeth that last a lifetime.

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