Value of Ceramic Tile Flooring in San Antonio

San Antonio has a long history of hard flooring in their homes and places of business. Most places do, in fact, have such a history, as carpet wasn’t affordable until fairly recently, but the hot climate makes carpeting less appealing in San Antonio than it would be further north. Ceramic tile in particular has its own set of advantages as compared to hardwood or laminate flooring.

The biggest advantage to hard flooring is the ease of clean up. Carpet is nice but it can be difficult to clean. It stains, dust mites can live in it, and you have to vacuum it at the least. Sometimes carpet gets so dirty you have to call in professionals to steam clean it or to give it a shampoo to clean and restore it properly. Dust and dirt can settle into the carpet itself and require very careful cleaning, and the process of vacuuming can damage the actual carpeting.

Ceramic tile, on the other hand, can be handled much more easily. It can be brushed or swept, any wet mop or wet towel can be used on it without fear of mold settling into its roots. Any dirt on it is immediately evident and easily removed. It doesn’t hold onto pet dander and it’s durable as well. It doesn’t swell shrink and crack like wood floors can with time. Considering the humidity at play in San Antonio it’s advantageous to not have to worry about it because ceramic tiles won’t swell like wooden floor boards will. For any situation where ease of cleaning and durability are concerns ceramic tile should be a top consideration.

San Antonio has an advantage when it comes to hard flooring options like ceramic tile. If it was Arizona where it’s more arid there’d be less advantage to having ceramic tiles. It might be dry and that can be a problem for wood flooring, but since it’s steady it can be dealt with through air conditioning or humidification. Since San Antonio is much more humid ceramic tiles are more valuable. The temperature is higher so the frozen foot isn’t as much of a concern.

One advantage for residents of San Antonio with ceramic tile is that, because it is actually a rather lush area the cleaning concerns are higher. Though many people think of Texas as being entirely like the southwest, desert and sand, there are actually quite a few areas where grass is verdant and grows commonly. This means that instead of dust which can easily be shaken loose there are still the problems of mud or clay which can stick to shoes. Since this can be tracked further in the house it’s more valuable to have more flooring that can be cleaned as easily as ceramic tiles.

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