Veterans Disability Lawyers Can Help You Get Compensated For Injuries Sustained On Active Duty

Are you a war veteran, suffering from some debilitating injury that occurred while on active duty? Then you should definitely consider applying for disability insurance. After all, your injuries occurred while you were defending your nation, and in turn, it is the duty of your nation to make sure you are not suffering any more than what is unavoidable. At the very least, the nation should, and usually does, take care of your medical expenses, once you prove that you are unable to support the same, financially.

However, even in light of your distress, satisfactorily proving your need for veteran’s disability insurance can be tricky. And this is why you should look for a veteran’s disability lawyer before you proceed with the filing of the application.

How a veteran’s disability lawyer can help you

First off, the lawyer will try to ascertain whether your injuries are in accordance with the types of injuries that are covered by the law, which governs the veteran’s disability insurance. Some of the injuries covered by the law include post-traumatic stress disorder, injuries to spinal cord, eyes or ears, radiation poisoning, sexual trauma, and injuries inflicted on POW by rival sides. If your injury can be categorized within any of these, your applications are far less likely to be outright rejected.

Secondly, the lawyer will help you prove that your injuries hamper your ability to be employed in any of the general industries. This is very difficult to prove without the help of an experienced legal professional. There is a ton of paperwork to be procured and presented to the court, including:

  1. Statements from witnesses that clearly prove your injuries occurred when you were on active duty.
  2. Medical statements that prove the extent of your injuries are indeed considered to be debilitating and hamper your normal ability to work.
  3. A properly filled out application, which shows how much you really need the allowance in order to continue your treatments.

Unfortunately, there are cases where veterans have tried to submit their applications on their own, only to find it rejected the first time. If this has happened to you, do not despair. Get in touch with a reputable veterans disability lawyer within 60 days from the date of rejection, and you will have a high chance of getting your application approved the second time.

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