Vinyl Siding South Windsor, CT

Vinyl siding siding currently is the most popular exterior cladding material in use in the United States, accounting for over one-third of the exterior cladding projects undertaken annually. Given proper attention to detail, and using the right tools, a home-owner could install vinyl siding, although it is be far easier when it is at least a two-person job.

There are a couple of negatives about vinyl siding one might sometimes hear from those who have installed exterior cladding as a do-it-yourself project:

     *     Vinyl siding doesn’t look as good as I had anticipated.

     *     I find that Vinyl siding leaks a lot.

Either or both of the above statements can be true. The problem in both cases however, lies in the way the vinyl was installed, and is not the fault of the material itself. A vinyl-clad house can be, and should be, a thing of beauty. It should also be just as watertight as would be the case with most other sidings. The problem, when there is one, usually lies in the way the siding was installed.

There are two-ways to go about installing vinyl siding:

     *     Install it yourself, but have a complete set of instructions handy and follow those instructions religiously.

     *     Have a professional and certified vinyl siding installer to the job.

While it’s possible to save some labor expenses by installing vinyl siding yourself, a certified installer can do the job quickly, and you’ll find the labor costs are significantly less than if you were having any other of the more common types of siding installed. Also, by having a certified installer do the work, the end product should be every bit as beautiful as the advertisements indicate.

When installing vinyl siding there is a lot more detail involved than just flitting one piece of siding into an adjacent piece. There are soffit panels, fascia, and corner boards to install, window and door frames to take into account. There will be trim pieces to cover the panel edges, wrap to keep moisture from collecting, possibly some flashing to install, and on and on. When everything fits together as it should, it’s a job well done. If the work is not done right, there can be problems.

Installing your own vinyl siding can be a challenging task, but it can also be a very rewarding one when done right. If you do decide on having a professional do the work, and you’re looking for vinyl siding, South Windsor or the surrounding area.




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