Visits and Vaccines at the Veterinary Hospital

When a pet is sick or hurt there is an expectation that the animal will receive the utmost care and attention. In the case of an emergency, families quickly rush their beloved animal to a veterinary hospital, knowing a trained veterinarian will be present. However, it is common for pet owners to not know all the ways an animal hospital can help extend and enhance the life of a pet.

Care for Puppies, Kittens, and Other Young Animals

Technicians and vets at a veterinary hospital are important people in the life of a young dog or cat. Both of these domesticated animals require vaccinations before or right after arriving in their new home. Typically, cats and dogs are vaccinated when they are six weeks old. Many breeders or pet shops will ensure the animals receive these necessary shots, but that is not always the case. Owners should always take their new pet to an animal hospital to confirm that all vaccinations were properly administered and no booster shots are needed.

Animal hospitals are also responsible for spaying and neutering animals. These are serious surgeries that must be performed correctly to keep your dog or cat from getting sick or having complications in the future. The animal even undergoes anesthesia. However, the surgeries are necessary to control the dog and cat populations, and as a routine surgery they should not involve complications or pain for your pet.

Care for Aging Animals

Improved veterinary care means that dogs, cats, and other animals are living longer and healthier lives. However, there are a number of health problems that can affect older animals. The team at a veterinary hospital can help prepare owners for these illnesses and their symptoms. As animals become geriatric, it is important to increase the number of visits to the veterinarian to ensure that health problems are identified early and care can begin. Contact Holistic Veterinary Healing for more information. You can connect with them on Facebook for futher news and updates!

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