Want Teardrop Implants?

You’ve seen pictures of the women with ridiculously oversized and unnatural looking breasts. That might have been exactly what they wanted when they got their breast implants, but that’s not the way you want your prospective implants to look. You’ve wanted them for a long time, because you’re tired of feeling self-conscious about your breasts. You’re tired of wearing padded bras and cup inserts, but you’re afraid that you’ll end up looking like one of those girls with the cartoonishly large breasts. That’s just not you. If you’re going to get new breasts for that sexy new look, you want them to look like real breasts. They need to be anatomical. Symmetrical. Perky. But real. Now that would be sexy. That is what you want. You want teardrop breast implants by Gummy Bear Breast Implants, the sexiest, most realistic looking and feeling implants on the market.

Gummy Bears Are Simply the Best!

When it comes to breast size and shape, some girls are just born lucky. When their breasts develop, they develop with the ideal size, shape and perkiness. There’s nothing extra they did about it, and there’s nothing you can do to change how you developed, either, and that’s just not fair. That’s why Gummy Bear came up with teardrop breast implants – natural-looking implants to make your breasts look like those girls who were just born lucky.

I Want Teardrop Implants. Where Can I Get Them?

Now that you know you want Gummy Bear’s teardrop implants, you want to find the best surgeon to implant them to ensure you’re getting the best treatment and results. To get the best teardrop breast implants in New York, you need Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo – a worldwide leader in the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Fiorillo is an expert in the implantation of Gummy Bear Breast Implants, and is one of only four doctors in the United States knowledgeable enough to train other surgeons in the art of implanting Gummy Bear breasts. He has offices in both New York and New Jersey, and he offers no-obligation consultations to assess your wants and needs and to determine the exact type of implant that best suits the size and shape of your unique body.

For that supple, sexy, natural new look, call Dr. Fiorillo’s Plastic Surgery Center at 866-537-0954. His New York office is at 150 South Pearl Street, Pearl River, NY, 10965, and his New Jersey office is at 133 N. Kinderkamack Road, Montvale, NJ 07645.

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