Water Fountains In Shreveport LA Are Very Well Designed.

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When you wander around the city, you will see some very attractive water fountains. With Shreveport’s location right on the Red River, it is a naturally beautiful place. The city is marked by Pine forests, fields of cotton, wetlands and waterways. In the mid ‘90s, Riverboat Gambling returned to Shreveport and many of the luxurious casinos that have grown up along the river have installed spectacular water fountains.

To compliment the newly constructed casinos, there was a genuine revitalization in the old “downtown” area. The area was “streetscaped” as they refer to it; brick sidewalks were installed, statues and sculptures were erected and mosaics and water fountains in Shreveport LA began to emerge. As a result of all this effort, great civic pride now rests in the fact that Shreveport was named an All-American City at three different times.They design, build and install fountains of all types. Visit them to shop Yards & Garden Fountains for Sale.

Water fountains in Shreveport LA are prevalent in the Highland section.

If you are unfamiliar with Shreveport, there is a section of the city which is known as “Highland”. This runs along Fairfield Ave., where there are more than a half-dozen historic homes. These homes have magnificent gardens, now populated by soaring hardwood and Pine trees. Scattered amongst the gardens, one will see further evidence of the water fountains in Shreveport LA; they have been tastefully designed and installed years back. This alone speaks highly for the landscaping and gardening skills that abound in the area. With very balmy conditions all year around, an average low temperature of around 40° in the winter and about 90° in the summer and average monthly rainfall of about four inches, the climate is ideal for growing.

Over the years, this part of Northwest Louisiana has produced very high yield cotton crops, the climate is ideal for its growth.

Many years ago Shreveport was very aggressive in the oil and gas business. Unfortunately this industry has suffered some rude shocks and many companies retrenched many of their employees. But, being very resilient, as most Southerners’ are, the folks pulled up their socks and turned elsewhere. Now it houses casinos and has a very active gaming industry. This has put many people to work in this and other service industries. As a result of the investments being made, landscape architecture began in earnest, and today many firms are engaged in design, installation and maintenance of all the new, and much of the old, infrastructure.

Shreveport; prior to Hurricane Katrina, had the second highest number of tourist in the state. New Orleans, with its famous French Quarter and annual Mardi Gras will always be first as a tourism city.

Now that the city has found a new purpose, a new direction, there is reason to believe that water fountains in Shreveport LA will be continue to be built, gracing both the private and public gardens, parks and exterior spaces.

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