What do connoisseurs look for in a good cigar?

Although you will get a myriad of answers from different cigar lovers, there are two components that everyone agrees with; the tobacco and the way the cigar is made. There are many places that sell fake cigars that are marketed as coming from Cuba, if you ever want to taste a bad cigar, buy one of these and you will know why Good Times Cigars are the choice of cigar smokers who are looking for that particular burst of flavor that can only come from fine Dominican Republic tobacco.

Although the price of a cigar has a bearing on its quality, it is not the only thing. Novice cigar smokers are often confused by this as when the cigar is resting in the humidor you cannot get an appreciation of anything but the price. Just because a cigar costs $25 or $30 does not necessarily mean it’s a cigar for everyone.

Cigars are made either by machine or they are hand crafted, either way, the way in which a cigar is put together is very important as this adds to the enjoyment. Well constructed Good Times Cigars draw well and lets the taste come through. A cigar which has just the correct amount of filler is ideal; too little filter and the cigar burns hot; too much filler and it is difficult to draw comfortably. When a cigar is properly lit and rotated during smoking, if it’s well made it will burn evenly and hold a good solid ash.

The ash of a decent cigar is another mark of quality. An ash of about ½” is a good benchmark; it must certainly not fall off earlier as it will indicate that the cigar was not rolled properly. As much as cigar smokers rave about a hand rolled cigar, a high quality cigar can just as well be machine made, the quality is fine and the cigar is consistent from one to the next. When you handle a cigar, feel for its smoothness and look for one common color in the wrapper.

There is nothing that makes for a fine cigar more than the tobacco which is used. Any inferior tobacco will leave a hot, unpleasant sensation in the mouth; look for a cigar such as Good Times Cigars with a reputation to be proud of.

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