What is Cosmetic Dentistry in Hudson, MA?

For patients throughout Hudson, MA and the surrounding areas, finding a quality dentist is extremely important and ensures that your smile always looks its best.

To learn more about the techniques used to improve smiles, check out the commonly asked questions below.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry, And What Issues Can It Address?

Cosmetic dentistry in Hudson, MA is a specific type of dentistry that concentrates on improving the aesthetic look of teeth, or the physical appeal of your teeth and smile. It includes treatments that are designed to improve aesthetics as well as procedures that help correct teeth and functional problems. At Assabet Dental Group, the most advanced techniques and materials are used, so patients can receive the most natural-looking results for their specific needs.

What Is A Porcelain Onlay?

In cosmetic dentistry, an onlay is a cosmetic restoration procedure that helps restore large areas of tooth decay in addition to improving the way teeth look. Unlike large metal fillings, which often become dark gradually, an onlay is color-matched to teeth, so it remains practically invisible. Additionally, since onlays are bonded directly to the tooth’s surface, they can help strengthen teeth. Large fillings frequently make teeth dramatically weaker.

Is An Onlay Better Than A Ceramic Crown?

Porcelain onlays and ceramic crowns both have several advantages based on the exact issue being treated. Crowns are typically used for major reconstruction of a dramatically damaged or structurally injured tooth. They surround the entire tooth to provide additional strength and protection.

Some large cavities need crowns, while others are effectively treated with ceramic onlays. Alternately, crowns are usually less expensive and do not require the removal of healthy tooth material. An emergency dentist like Assabet Dental Group will likely use a crown if a tooth is damaged in an accident.

How Are Bridges Used In Cosmetic Dentistry?

Bridges are used to replace teeth in cosmetic dentistry. They attach on either side of the gap left by the missing teeth, either with adhesives or clips. Bridges typically include an artificial tooth or multiple teeth that can be color-matched in a similar fashion as onlays.

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