What Makes Printed Labels Special?

When we talk of printed labels, some of the foremost things that come to mind are visuals of our favorite brand of cereal, toothpaste, chocolate, chips, beverage, and so on! Labels are associated with brands. The most popular brands are known to the public through their labels, which mostly consist of a graphic design of the company logo, and are visible on the products in form of printed stickers, or on outdoor boards meant for advertising and other display purposes. Printed labels come in various shapes, sizes and colors and are considered one of the best ways to help your product stand out from the rest, in other words, helping customers recognize your product much more easily!

Custom printed labels are created through advanced graphic designing tools and other available technologies. There are specific designing software like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Corel Draw that play a vital role in creating and improving design of stickers and labels prior to printing. For companies looking to order such designer labels, there are vendors out there who can do the requisite print job according to set-parameters and deliver it to the clients’ address at the earliest. An internet search would help companies with lists of label printers who can undertake bulk custom printing orders and complete the same to perfection.

To impart a ‘classy’ look to the finished items, label printers, in addition to designing software, would use other materials. Beside they would employ ‘classic lamination techniques’ to prepare printed labels of the finest quality. Lamination imparts a smooth look and feel to the labels which are then used variously. However, to make a custom printed label according to the client’s requirement, various types of materials are to be used. Here’s a list of some of the materials commonly used in making printed labels that make these items look so special!

*Glossy paper
*Semi-glossy paper
*Matte finish paper
*Silver and Gold foil
*White and transparent polystyrene
*Thermal transfer materials
*Destructible vinyl
*Polyester materials (like metalized chrome/ Mylar)
*10 gauge semi-rigid PVC
*Fluorescent materials
*Latex impregnated paper
*Laser stocks

Using the above materials, renowned label printing companies would prepare tags, labels/stickers according their customer’s needs. Printed labels are used variously. These are pasted on beverage bottles, computers, television sets, laptops, food items, tables, desks, fans, air conditioners, and many more items with the sole purpose of providing a unique identity to the product concerned, as well as to make the user aware of its brand value!

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