What Should You Expect When Visiting a Marijuana Doctor in Scottsdale?

In March 2023, the Arizona legislature engaged in a positive debate of SB 1466, a proposal to amend the state’s medical marijuana law. Initial approval by the corresponding committee took place on March 21, and there is a good chance that lawmakers will vote in favor of the amendments, which will include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as conditions that can be treated with cannabis.

While SB 1466 includes a few other measures that are positive for the cannabis industry in Canyon State, the most important is giving medical access to ASD and PTSD patients. Once enacted, the amendments will allow veterans of all branches of the United States military to get a medical cannabis card for free in Arizona; this provision is not limited to veterans who suffer PTSD. All other patients will be able to get their cards for $50 when the law is implemented.

Getting a Medical Cannabis Card in Arizona

The first step in getting access to medical cannabis involves a medical consultation. For example, a resident of Paradise Valley can visit a marijuana doctor in Scottsdale or check if the process can be completed online. Depending on the condition, a marijuana doctor in Scottsdale may be able to conduct a consultation over the telephone.

Once the medical recommendation to prescribe cannabis is validated, patients are given instructions on how they can register with the Bureau of Marijuana Licensing through the website of the Arizona Department of Health Services. The doctor’s office will take care of filing the diagnostic and other medical forms.

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