What to Ask Your disability Attorney

What to Ask Your disability Attorney

If you have become disabled and feel you would benefit from the Social Security funds, you might want to hire a disability attorney to help further your case.  Many Social Security claims are denied because those applying simply do not understand how the process works.  Hiring a disability attorney can greatly help your chances of winning your claim and gaining access to the funds you need.  If you decide to look for a disability attorney, you will want to ask the candidates plenty of questions before you hire him or her.

First, you will need to make sure the person is a bar-regulated lawyer.  Lawyers study cases that have already been decided in the court within their particular field and they should know all of the disability rules and regulations.  They have to uphold many standards by law themselves such as attorney client privilege as well.  You will want to make sure you are working only with a true disability attorney before you move forward.

Second, ask how many years of experience the attorney has in the field and how many cases he or she has represented.  Someone who has only a year of experience and very few clients may not have the skills you need in order to win your claim.  Someone with a lot of experience in the field, on the other hand, will likely have seen a case similar to yours in the past and will more likely know what to do to push your claim through.

Third, ask about the additional training the disability attorney has had on more recent developments.  Every aspect of the law is changing on a regular basis and the Social Security world is no different.  It is a good sign if the attorney has been to some seminars in recent years in order to keep their training up to date.

Fourth, ask if your disability attorney will fill the forms out for you or if you will have to do that yourself.  The best attorneys should do the paperwork for you because he or she will understand the process and you do not.  If you fill out the forms on your own and are denied your benefits, it may very well because you did something incorrectly on the forms in the first place.

And last, make sure your disability attorney plans to meet with you several weeks and then several days before the trial to ask any last minute questions and to make sure you know what to expect from the hearing.  The attorneys that promise to do so are making a good case for themselves that they are putting the right amount of time and effort into winning your case.

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