What To Do When You Get Mold in Alexandria, VA

Mold is gross, unattractive, and it’s bad for your health. When you notice mold, you need to do something about it at once. The quicker you handle the situation, the less of a situation there will be. Here is what you need to do when you need mold treatment services in Alexandria, VA.

Keep People Away

Health and safety are a top priority. If you have other people in your home, you should do everything you can to keep them away from the mold unless necessary.


You do not want you or your family to breathe in the dangerous mold spores. Mold can cause respiratory problems and even cancer in some rare cases. That means you should open the windows and get an industrial fan. This will help eliminate the mold from the air. You may also choose to rent an air purifier and put it in the affected area.

Get Rid of Moisture

Mold grows in warm, moist areas. The most shared areas are the basement and the bathroom. Get rid of moisture in this area with a dehumidifier. It can also help to turn off the water to that room for the time being.

Call the Professionals

You should not handle mold if you are not a trained professional. Call for

mold treatment services in Alexandria, VA, from the experts at Pest Management Services. They tackle all pest and mold problems you might be having. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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