What To Expect During A Termite Inspection In Jacksonville, FL

At Total Spraying LLC, we offer all of our customers a full home inspection for all types of bugs, insects and signs of rodents and other types of pests. Our termite inspection for Jacksonville FL homes is thorough and complete, and when we are done, you will understand if you have a problem and what we can do to help you.

One of the biggest gimmicks in the pest control industry utilized by low-quality, unethical and uniformed companies is a “free termite inspection” that always ends up resulting in the “inspector” being able to convince the homeowner there is a serious issue that needs immediate attention.

Our inspectors and technicians aren’t trained to do that. In fact, if we don’t find anything of concern we are happy to tell the homeowners that they are free of infestation by these nasty chewing insects.

In many cases, dry rot signs are mistaken by homeowners to be termite damage. Once our inspection is complete, we will be able to tell you definitely if you have termites or other types of pests.

A Complete Look Around

When you are working with less than professional services, you will typically not see much in the way of in inspection. It will mostly be visual and won’t include checking in high-risk areas such as around pipes and drains or withdrawing debris from cracks in the home to look for bug parts and bug remains.

Additionally, we will also check the areas of the home during the termite inspection that are known to be favorite spots for these chewing insects. They like places that are humid or moist and protected. While you may see the tubes they travel in leading into and around these areas, they can also be easily contained within the wood and invisible.

The inspection should also include areas outside of the home as well. Wooden fences, mulched areas next to the house, wood decks and patios and even outbuildings on the property will also be inspected as they can be prime sources of food for a developing termite colony.

When we complete a termite inspection at your Jacksonville, FL home, our technician will go through the results, and then discuss the options for treatment. We never recommend a treatment that you don’t need, and we always offer a full no-risk, money-back guarantee that is the best in the industry.

However, because our technicians are trained, experienced experts and we use only the best treatment options possible, we are sure you will be complete satisfied both now and in the future with your choice of Total Spray LLC as your pest control partner.

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