What To Expect During Termite Inspections At Your Gold Coast Home

All professional pest control services should complete termite inspections on any home across the country following Australian Standards. The standard outlines how the inspection should be completed and what it must include.

Homes on the Gold Coast should have annual termite inspections. Having the inspections once a year means any sign of termite problems can be quickly managed, reducing the risk of damage to the wooden materials in the home. Although small, a termite colony can cause significant damage in a very small period of time.

The Inspection Process

Homeowners on the Gold Coast do not have to do any preparation for the inspection. The termite inspector will need access to the interior of the home, and they will also inspect the exterior of the home.

During termite inspections, the trained professional looks for virtually undetectable signs of termite activity. This includes carefully inspecting door jambs, windows, cupboards, and trim and skirting throughout the home.

The roof and ceiling area will also be inspected. This includes the condition of rafters, skylights, eaves, trusses, and all other roof features. The same is also true of the floor and subfloor. The inspector will look for signs of damage to timber piers, flooring, and joists, as well as any other wood materials that are touching or close to the soil.

Different types of technology are used to identify areas of termite activity that may not be visible. This advanced option in termite detection can help find even the most hidden areas of termite activity in the walls, ceiling, or floor of any Gold Coast home.

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