What To Expect From A Foot And Ankle Specialist

A foot and ankle specialist is a medical doctor who focuses his or her attention on the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle problems. When a general practitioner cannot render assistance or provide a solution to a patient who suffers from foot and ankle problems the doctor will suggest that the patient sees a specialist, podiatrists in Kenosha are just that, they are doctors that provide advanced care in this area of the anatomy.

Podiatry deals with the myriad of disorders that affect the feet, ankles and the lower leg. Podiatrists in Kenosha take extra years of specialized education so they are capable of properly diagnosing one of these problems and providing specialized treatment. Once a foot and ankle specialist receives an undergraduate degree the next step is the successful completion of graduate school to receive a doctorate in this chosen field. To treat patients the new graduate will have to take a series of examinations to be granted a license to practice. Upon the completion of his or her education the specialist will be a doctor of podiatric medicine, DPM.

If an individual’s general practitioner is unable to help with a foot, ankle or lower leg problem the patient will be referred to a specialist. The podiatrist is better suited to diagnosing and treating these types of conditions as they have in-depth knowledge. Some common problems that are best attended to by a foot and ankle specialist include plantar fasciitis, problems with the Achilles tendon, bone spurs, bunions and corns.

Foot pain can be excruciatingly painful, the pain can disrupt a person’s normal day, hampering their ability to stand and walk properly. One of the most painful conditions that podiatrists in Kenosha deal with is plantar fasciitis; this is an inflammation of the tissues that run from the heel to the toes. Heel spurs are growths that extend off the heel bone; these too can be the cause of quite severe pain. These conditions and more can be corrected through surgical intervention, therapy or special shoe inserts.

With the feet taking so much daily abuse any problems should be attended too quickly. It may be possible to solve some foot problems with little more than rest, elevation and compression. If these simple solutions do not work then the logical solution is to consult with a foot and ankle specialist as advanced treatments will be needed.

Podiatrists at Business Name. are specialist in the care and treatment of the feet, ankles and lower leg.

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