What to expect from your child’s first dental visit in Mililani, HI

Parents are often concerned about taking their baby to the dentist. They are unsure of what to expect and may worry even more than the baby during the procedure. However this is unnecessary as most baby dental visits are over fairly quickly. If you are bringing your little one to a children’s dentist Mililani, HI located, understanding what to expect during the first visit can help you to have peace of mind, realistic expectations, and a stress free visit.

The importance of the first visit

When your baby shows their first tooth, it is time to take them to see a dentist. Many people put this first visit off as a superfluous visit. However, establishing sound dental practices at an early age can benefit both the parent and child in the long run. It is important to take your baby to the dentist and finding a good children’s dentist Mililani HI based practice is relatively easy. The dentist you select will help you understand how to take care of your baby’s teeth from now until your child is old enough to care for their teeth by themselves.

What is the first visit like?

The first time you take your child to see a children’s dentist Mililani, HI located, you will have to fill out paperwork detailing their medical history and any potential allergies. After you return this to the front desk agent, you will then have to wait a bit until your child will be seen. You may have a hygienist look at your child’s teeth first or the actual children’s dentist Mililani, HI practitioner may see your child immediately. They will check for plaque buildup on your child’s tooth and may ask you to hold them so they can brush the tooth or teeth. Once they have removed the plaque, they will talk to you about the condition of your child’s teeth and how to maintain a healthy smile.

At the end of your child’s first visit, they will likely get a sticker, a book, and their very first toothbrush. The dentist you selected will want you to book a follow up appointment in six months so that they can continue to assess your child’s teeth through regular dental exams and ongoing care. This first visit is just one of many on the road to a continually healthy smile. The children’s dentist Mililani, HI located that you select should be compassionate, good with children and good at what they do. If you feel any discomfort at all about how the dentist interacts with you or your child, don’t hesitate to try out another dentist for your comfort and that of your child.



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