What types of cases are personal injury cases?

What type of lawsuit is a personal injury case? The most common personal injury cases occur when someone slips and falls in a store, public building or some other person’s property. This can also include slipping and falling on the job or in the workplace. These types of injury occur when there are safety hazards present such as unmarked wet floors, unleveled steps or sidewalks or unsafe ladder or scaffolding. These common types of personal injury cases are best handled by a Personal Injury Oshkosh WI law firm.

Another type of personal injury that has recently become more strictly enforced is Alcoholic Beverage Liability. This occurs when a provider of alcoholic beverage, either a social host or bartender, serves too much drinks to an underage or noticeably intoxicated individual who eventually gets involved in an accident that causes injury to a third person. Vehicular accidents that result to death or physical injury are another type of very common personal injury lawsuit cases. These are especially common when a person driving under the influence of alcohol is involved. There are Personal Injury Oshkosh WI law firms that specialize in this type of court case.

Medical malpractice suits are the third most common personal injury cases. These types of lawsuits occur when a doctor, medical care facility or pharmaceutical company cause physical or psychological harm or even death to a person. This can happen when health care practitioners lack the required skill and knowledge or committed sheer neglect. Medical malpractice can also occur when an infant is harmed during or immediately after birth. Pharmaceutical malpractice occurs when a product or drug causes life threatening side effects or even worsens a person’s original condition. Dental malpractice is another type of medical injury lawsuit. This occurs when harm is done as a result of improper dental procedures; and while this is not as well-known as other types of medical injuries, it still can occur fairly regularly. These types of injuries are easily taken care of when you engage the services of a Personal Injury Oshkosh WI attorney.

One type of personal injury lawsuit that is unfortunately becoming all too common is elder care center abuse. Although this type of incidents has been common for many years, it is only within the past few years that it has been made more public. There is now an entire specialty legal field dedicated to this type of personal injury case and it is not too difficult to find a Personal Injury Oshkosh WI that deals with these types of cases.

Defective products such as infant car seats, household appliances, automotive parts and many other types of items are also sometimes the basis for personal injury lawsuits. These types of cases are filed when a product is known to be defective by the manufacturer yet they did not make any effort to recall the product. If this type of personal injury occurs, you definitely want an experienced Personal Injury Oshkosh WI attorney to handle your claim.

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