When a Medical Procedure Goes Wrong

There are medical procedures or activities that are developed to resolve or correct a bodily malfunction, aid in providing treatments or normal body process through operations that must be done only by professional and licensed doctors and surgeons. These medical procedures include replacement of a defective organ, removal and replacement of a malfunctioning organ, child birth, implants and others. A doctor, surgeon, nurse, midwives, dentists and other medical professionals are expected to provide service and treatments with utmost care, accuracy, attention and efficiency.

However, there are instances when a patient is injured or dies because of unethical or improper procedures undertaken by the doctor or surgeon. A mistake in prescribing proper medications may cause bad reactions to a patient allergic to a certain drug which caused allergy and affected the internal state of the body. A doctor or a midwife failed to act in a timely manner during childbirth which caused brain damage to the baby. A doctor failed to diagnose a patient’s condition who was previously suffering from severe chest pain, to which the patient was sent home and suffered a heart attack causing his or her death. A patient rushes to the emergency room after suffering from abdominal pain, where a doctor fails to diagnose appendicitis and decides to send the patient home and after several hours the patient goes into shock and dies. Regardless of the reason, medical malpractice is equivalent to professional misconduct; whereas a qualified or professional medical practitioner falls short of the standards of skill and responsibility expected of him or her. For any of these cases, it is best to consult a medical malpractice Charleston.

A case that involves medical malpractice could take lengthy amount of time in the process. In filing lawsuits, the patient or a representative on behalf of the patient becomes the plaintiff and the health care provider. Studies show that in each year, approximately 195,000 people are killed by medical errors in the US.  Such mistakes pose health risk that could cause a life-altering impairment or even sudden death. And 15,000 to 19,000 medical malpractice suits are brought against doctors in each year. Being a victim of Medical Malpractice Charleston is a great ordeal. The impacts of medical malpractice can be devastating both for the plaintiff and the family.

Be able to take part in making every decision about your health care. Make sure that the doctors know about prescription and over-the-counter drugs you are taking in. There are certain medications that do not coincide with other treatments. Do not be afraid to ask questions about the given instructions in taking in prescribed medication and the side effects of the medicine.

Before entrusting your safety into doctors’ hands, consult legal counselors or attorneys who specialize in medical malpractice in Charleston. Be sure that the doctor in charge is board certified and is skilled in performing the procedure before conforming to the medical procedure. He or she must be able to express his or her limits of capability. If their expertise does not cater to your needs, he or she must advise you to find one with the specific specialty to cater to that need. Speak up if there are questions or concerns. Your own safety is still in your own hands.

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