When One Parent Won’t Comply

It is sad to say that many parents don’t want to take responsibility for their children.  There are many good parents who work with their ex-spouse and their children have a positive family view and grow up feeling the love of both parents.  Those parents are wonderful and loving parents who just couldn’t get along with their spouse but want the best for their children.  They are few and far between.  You hear much more about those parents who don’t want to care for their children and wind up hurting them in the long run.  Child custody in Boyertown, PA is a hot button topic for many divorced couple.  

Many times there is one parent who doesn’t like the way a divorce and family order is set up.  They refuse to comply with anything the judge ordered.  This creates a problem for the other parent who may want to have the parent in their child’s life.  These difficult parents are being selfish because they didn’t get their way in the final order or they are ordered to pay an amount of child support they think they can’t sustain. One of the biggest issues in a case of child custody in Boyertown, PA is the amount of child support ordered.  It is customary for the mother to have the child in her custody for the majority of the month and the father is ordered to pay a certain amount of money each month to help with the expenses associated with the child.  If the father doesn’t pay, the mother may sometimes refuse his visitation rights and that can create many problems.  The father’s right to see his child is not changed by his lack of child support.  The father can be held in contempt of court for not paying and he will face repercussions such as fines, wage garnishments , and even jail time if the child support is not paid.

Child custody in Boyertown, PA is more than just getting money out of the other parent.  It is about the child having access to both of their parents.  If one parent won’t comply, you cannot change that and can only do your best to be mature about the situation.  You may want to take the other parent back to court in order to ensure the other parent complies with the court order.

When you are dealing with the case of child custody in Boyertown, PA, ensure you follow the order put in place by the court. Boyd & Karver, Attorneys at Law represents clients within a wide range of family law areas.

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